Joy in the furnace
Joy in the furnace
Debbie Guinn - Joy In The Furnace

About The Author

Debbie Guinn

Debbie Guinn was born in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO. Debbie resigned from her job as an Administrative Assistant in 2001, when the effects of Multiple Sclerosis began to take her sight.

After raising her three daughters, she moved to the peaceful mountains of Buena Vista, CO, where she currently resides. Debbie is currently engaged to be married next summer.

She is a speaker, an editor, as well as an author who previously wrote for an online magazine. Debbie’s transparency and firm grasp of God’s truth challenges women of every age and stage to trust in the life-giving power of God’s Word, for every aspect of their lives.

Her life gives testimony that it is possible to find true, lasting joy in the furnace.

Six key principles for finding joy in the furnace

Consider it all joy? How am I supposed to consider it all joy when my life is coming apart at the seams and my world is crumbling around me? You must be kidding!

Join Debbie in this exciting six-week journey through the fiery furnace of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, where you will discover that it is possible to find joy-even greatly rejoice-right in the middle of the deepest darkest furnace you can imagine. Debbie uses her own personal story and powerful truths from God's Word to share six key principles for finding joy in the furnace. You will discover that:


The furnace is inevitable


God is with you in the furnace


God sets you free in the furnace


God heals you in the furnace


God perfects you through the furnace


God receives glory through the furnace

What others are saying

Sandi S., Fort Worth, TX

I just wanted to say that your study was a huge blessing to me and I know it will be to others. I think one of the most significant benefits for me was the knowledge that He is there when I am powerless and that if I stay "in" He will carry me through to the new blessing. It's an amazing freedom! Thank you Debbie for putting this together and sharing it with all of us.

D.V. Adams, Author, Theologian

I must say that Joy In The Furnace, joyfully surprised me. Debbie Guinn offers sound theology and a creative approach in dealing with the hardships of life. We rarely think of suffering as an opportunity, but Guinn whets our appetite and skillfully walks us through the joys of pain and discomfort. Whether it be physical or financial, big or small, we all experience some type of trial. Joy In The Furnace is an easy-read filled with thought provoking questions. This is great for home groups, classes, or personal study. You won’t be disappointed.

Jeanette-Marie Mirich, Author, Marriage Couselor

With tender grace, Debbie Guinn reveals God’s loving presence in our personal trials. Infused with an unusual vulnerability the bible study, Joy In The Furnace, takes the participant on a journey that reveals our hearts, struggles and challenges. In the winding path of life, when we struggle in the darkest tunnels, this study graciously unveils God’s hope and healing in the midst of the pain. This book will sit between Hinds Feet in High Places and My Utmost For His Highest, on my shelf

Debbie Dittrich, Following Him Ministries

I have the distinct pleasure of calling Debbie Guinn my dear friend and it is from that privileged position that I’ve been able to witness a complete transformation in her life through the trials she has endured. In her study, Joy in the Furnace, Debbie has taken God's deep truths about trials and suffering and has presented it in six easy to understand principles. This is a life changing study for anyone who has ever longed to become "perfect and complete lacking in nothing"!

Valerie H., Missionary, DRC, Africa

I was willing to listen to Debbie’s teaching because I knew she had experienced difficulties and really had learned to experience "joy in the furnace" because a mutual friend had told me her testimony. Having done other studies on how to deal with trials in a "godly" way but not knowing if the teacher really truly understood I was excited to do this study. Debbie has a very positive way of presenting the precepts found in Daniel. This study has been another step in the process of healing me from a bitter attitude. I keep finding myself wanting to giggle because I know that God delights in me. The Bible tells me so.

Sandy F. Missionary, DRC, Africa

If you are doing a study with a group, buy multiple copies and do this study. We did the study as a group and we thought it was great! One lady in our group thought that she wasn't in a furnace because her furnace didn't seem as hot compared to others around her. She thought the study would be good to help her ministry to others. Then about week 5, it hit her that the furnace she was in was really HOT and that she had been in denial! By recognizing the furnace, not focusing on the flames but seeing God who is in the furnace with us, she found joy - real joy!

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